>Ok so this weekend is Easter and a bunch of the people I work with were talking about what they do and why.
So I got thinking about why I like Easter so much and I have a lot of really good Easter Memories.
When I was 8 years old my mom took me to the Bon in Ogden and I remember trying on my new dress and then carrying it down on the escalator in the little bag. I was sooooo excited to wear it. This is funny for me because I wasn’t ever really into dresses too much but I did love the new one at Easter.
Coloring the eggs with my dad and mom at the table.
The hunts for the eggs outside of ours and Grandma’s house.
The year I slept at my Aunt Lorraines and she gave us these hopping windup bunnies
and we ate Ebelskivers that my uncle made for breakfast-I loved those.
Then I remember the baskets outside my room. It is funny but I remember Danny’s new truck in one of his but I don’t remember the stuff in mine.

Then I got older and I got some really good memories out of the holiday.

1 Sharlee at 7 months having her first chocolate bunny and her cute
little yellow dress
2 Buying a new dress for Sharlee every year was always so fun. She has
always liked dressing up and sometimes I had to buy her two dresses
because they looked so cute that I couldn’t just have one.
3. Easter pictures and Easter dinner with my family and sometimes with
Todd’s family
4. Shane in his cute little suit and tie.
5. Shane eating his candy. He liked the peanut butter stuff way
more than plain chocolate
6. More pictures because he and Shar were soooo cute on Easter
7. Both of them getting their baskets and just how happy they were
to find them.
8. Hunting eggs with Shar and Shane
9. Black jelly beans.. Chocolate… need I say more than that :)
10. Church and remembering the true spirit and meaning of Easter
and the great gift of our Savior.

I actually still LOVE Easter sooo much because I like the baskets and the dinner and the egg hunts with my niece and nephews and I love the flowers and the sunshine
and the hope and actually still the Chocolate

* Last and best Easter memory .. 30 years ago on Easter Sunday Todd
asked me to marry him. And this was the beginning of many of the
memories above.:)

Have an Eggsellent EASTER ( this is a stupid funny thing which will annoy Shar :) and hey that makes the day complete.