What empowers you?

Lately I’ve been working out with a few women from work.
We are working out to the Insanity videos right after work.
It’s been a while since I’ve consistently worked out (ahem..as in since I’ve been married…)
and I’m just baffled at how much I’ve missed it. I definitely did myself a great disservice not treating my body right since I wanted to come home and be with Zach. Nothing else mattered. I am dying. The workouts kick my behind. They really do. But I’ve forgotten how good it feels to sweat and to have a red face even.
I’ve forgotten how good it feels for a person like me–a list person–mark it off the list. To start a habit of it. Consistent exercise helps me feel tough, strong, and somehow more beautiful. I love it!

Reading a good book–a book that’s somehow more than a story–helps me to feel like I’m using the brain I’ve been given. I feel more knowledgeable and often times (if the author is amazing) I feel more open-minded, more compassionate, and more aware. I’ve been made aware of political issues, social issues, history, and relationships in ways that I’ve never been before.

Self Discipline
Training myself to say no or yes. This goes along with the habit of exercise. It also goes along with my ability to pass up sugar and chocolate for Lent. The time in my life that I was at my thinnest and most confident was a time when I had given up chocolate altogether. It gave me a sense of control that I guess I need. I feel strong.

Getting Ready/Pampering Myself
There are days when being a lady is a pain. I will admit, washing the hair, drying the hair, curling the hair, the makeup, the shaving, etc. I do all of this while Zach sleeps every morning. He gets up, hops in and out of the shower, occasionally shaves, does his hair, and he’s out. Twenty minutes max. And sometimes I begrudge him. I want to sleep a few extra minutes, too. But I love being a girl! I love baths, lotion, perfume, makeup, and jewelry. I love heels, skirts, and dressing up. I love making myself look my best. I don’t always succeed, but just like exercise and reading, when I put time into myself I feel better and more confident.
Note…there are days that I am equally empowered by going to the store sans makeup. Or feeling comfortable enough in my own skin to attend Young Women’s in jeans and a sweatshirt when so many other leaders dress to the 9’s. Sometimes that can be just as empowering.


Spending time at any time during my week either attending church or reading the words of the Prophets and Apostles I feel edified. I feel uplifted, capable, and I have a renewed dedication to being better. I know where I come from and I know where I want to go. I know who I want to be in between and I feel that the more I study and spend time serving the Lord, the more tools I have to help me become the person I really want to be.

I’ve been feeling really great lately with the workouts and treating myself.

So I ask (and I desperately want you to answer),

What empowers you?