Who Am I?

Misty may be the only one who would appreciate this. I thought about just posting a poem I wrote in the fifth grade. It had the same repeating line after every stanza…my line was:
I’m a talkative girl who loves cats…

So…who am I? I like to think that question is best answered here.

But I can give it a shot.

I never follow the crowd.

I have a terrible temper.
But I love just as fiercely.
I have a sharp tongue.
Judgements escape my mouth within moments of hearing something or meeting someone.
I can and I will form an opinion in an instant.
But I can find true and honest compassion even faster.
My compassion is a great strength, it just gets buried sometimes.I ache. I ache for myself, for someone I’m close to, for a stranger at the store, even for a fictional character in a book.

I’m irrational.
I get my feelings hurt easily.
Because I am sensitive.

If I have an opinion on it, I will get fired up, emotional, or moved by it.
I give speeches on a regular basis.

I am easily disappointed and when I’m disappointed it’s ugly, but it’s because I so easily believe.
I am a mamma’s girl like nobody’s business, I talk to my mom usually every day if not multiple times a day. But my dad and I have an unspoken relationship. He held my hand when I got my heart broken for the first time and the day that I walked into my grandma’s funeral.
I HATE sports, but I moved heaven and earth to make it to every single basketball game my brother played.

I can stand in front of the mirror and tell you every body part that I love about myself and then I’ll forget it in literally seconds.

I am creative but I am not crafty.
I do not desire to be crafty.

I am not patient with things that I want to be perfect. Period.

I love speaking in public, but rarely admit it because I don’t want people to think that I desire being the center of attention.

I’m a math nerd. A math nerd who took math 25 more than once. I didn’t realize I was a math nerd until I was nearly finished with college. I can’t get enough of it.

I can make conversation with anyone. Crowds don’t scare me. Strangers are actually fun for me. I will often break the ice at any social event, but I will usually leave feeling like I’ve talked too much.

I am obsessive, but I’m clean.

I live for the summer. I only need summer and fall seasons.
Everything is better with a tan.
But “the last day of school” is a bad word in my classroom–we don’t discuss it–I cry every year.The year I stop crying is the year I should look for another job.

I’m a good teacher. And my power is in my love of the kids and my respect for the gift they are.

I am extremely forgiving, but I can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. If I decide I’m done, I’m done. The end.
Things are black or white in my world. Right or wrong. It doesn’t mean I always live in the white, but I do not make excuses or justify my behavior and I cannot stand when others do.
My students will tell you: Laziness and Excuses are a sure fire way to get into trouble in my class!
Moms that complain all of the time drive me crazy. I can’t stand it, but I secretly fear that I won’t be able to live up to my own high expecations for motherhood. My mom did it amazingly, but can I?

I love kids. They are the best kind of people. So don’t you dare complain to me about them, your calling in the primary, or anything of the like. I will judge.

I want to start a family and I would love to stay at home someday, but I want to go to grad school and I still want to take on the world!

My brother makes me laugh like nobody else, but I can let a swear word slip out of my mouth faster than anything when he makes me mad. I can describe him all sorts of ways.

I will leave the house without makeup. I will leave the house without having showered.
But I will not leave the house without earrings on.

If I could sum myself up in one word it would be passionate.I love and hurt deeply.
I am not afraid to tell you what I think or to stand up for what I believe.
I cannot be pushed around.
Nobody can tell me what to do.
I like to think I’m pretty tough, even with all of the crying.
I yell.
I cry.
I laugh.
All to extreme degrees.

As with everyone, there’s a whole lot more to me, but this is a start.
How about you?
Post your own, comment, and link.