>Sunday is Mother’s Day and I would like to honor the Mom’s that have had an impact in my life. I apologize as this may be long.
My mom was..(and it still is hard for me to use “was” as I try to forget that she isn’t on the earth anymore)born to be a teacher. She loved children truly loved them and loved teaching them about things. She didn’t teach in a way that felt like you were being made to learn. She would take us along in the everyday things,make games of things and most of all read. She loved spending her time with us and never while I was growing up did I think she wished she could get away from us. That is something I took for granted until I hear so many women tell me that they just had to get away from the kids, they drive them nuts, they get on their nerves etc. etc. I just always knew that she was there. There is a peace in the knowing that when life is good or bad someone at the other end of the house,the other end of the phone line, right in front of you or even in heaven hears Hey Mom and is there to answer ALWAYS.
I miss thee, my Mother! Thy image is still The deepest impressed on my heart.
— Eliza Cook
This is a big one too. I love her and I feel as if I have loved her as long as Todd has. She was a black or white person you knew where she stood and she did NOT move. She believed and she lived as she believed. She was hardworking and very talented and I admired her for so many things. She was an excellent listener and I respected her. I seriously never have understood or been able to join in the Mother in Law Jokes or hatred. I do not know or understand how you would be able to hate the woman that had the largest influence on the man that you love. She is the reason he is the man you love and I am forever grateful to her for Todd as well.
My Grandma Rose
Oh wow writing her name made me cry… Grandma was a different kind of love to me. She was a nice smelling house, Danish Dumpling Stew, Bunko games, a real good laugh and ever present crochet hooks and yarn. I loved her and I loved to make her laugh. She had the funniest laugh. I believe this lives on in my sister. It was a contagious funny undeniable laugh. She loved corsages on Mother’s Day,family dinners and my homemade cards and our annual goofy Christmas program. I loved her so much I named my daughter after her.
“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.”
Author: Erma Bombeck
My Aunt Lorraine
She just passed away and I have mentioned her a couple of times in other blogs but she was a big influence in my life. She was friends with my dad and mom not just a sister but a friend. She and my Uncle Chris and my cousins just all ran into one family with ours. We went camping and fishing together and we lived at each other’s houses in the summer. She was the fun one, the funny one, the strong one. People loved to be around her. I loved her. I am far older now and she meant so much to me that my friends here know who she is. I mow the lawn the way I do because of her. I don’t think she ever knew that :) I admired her and truly loved her.
She is Misty’s mom. I made friends with her the day I met her. I went down the hall in her house and there were pictures of her children and grandchildren all along the walls. She made me laugh. We shared united stories of Shar and Misty. She could see my side. Misty loved her with a love that I have not seen too often at all. It is the kind that Shar has for me and it is different. They were friends. She loved her grandchildren and spent time with them because she loved them. She was very good to Sharlee. I felt I could have spent the night like teenagers with her. She was a friend by chance but will be a part of my life forever.
I got to know Jeanne because she was the mom of Danny’s best friend. I babysat for her. She is just the kind of person that is good. She is just good. She lives a very good life and was a very good mom. Her house was always peaceful to me and I spent WAY tooooo much time over there. I know now how very annoying that had to have been. I just would go there and never want to leave. She taught me how to hoe beets and while hoeing she taught me things about the church that I doubt she even knew she was teaching. She also taught me about true love and faith and she actually loved me back. I swear that she did save my soul.
I have many more moms that I truly admire and love. Some are not mom’s but are aunts that have had an enduring influence on my and my children’s lives as well. I think that there is no better gift than to have been blessed with the influence of very good mom’s, grandma’s, aunts, friends, teachers and sisters. I would just like totellCara,Taunya,MaryJo,Suzanne,Janalee,Glenna,Diane,Carma,Fontella,Sheila,RaeLee,
Kira,June,Aunt Deanne,Aunt L’Neve,Aunt Bea,Aunt Betty, Virginia, Aunt Pat, Misty,
Margie Atkinson,Donna,Paula,Nancy,Joyce,Zan,Lorrie Maughan,Jan McArthur, Cleo….
The list could go on and on
You are examples of love to me

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
Mother Teresa

Happy Mothers Day Everyone Love You ALL