>I watched the Royal Wedding all of it!!! I am actually proud to admit it  I think there is still something great about a real life Prince and Princess. I like William and Kate is beautiful so I actually am hoping for the HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER for them as well. Yes I am interested in the non-life altering news. I really actually love it. I love the Good Buys at the Dollar Store segment they had on Good Morning America, the zebra from our local Channel 6 yesterday and the gardening thing from the Lauderbach lady in the Idaho Statesman. Sometimes life is plenty full of crap and bad news. So when someone snubs me and climbs on a pedestal because I am not all involved in the tragedies and horror all the time. Oh well. I think that we are what we associate with and if you only watch and analyze the negative I think you become negative. I do think a person needs to be informed just not inundated!! I also think when you have a handle on the fun things it has a good effect. I think I should know because seriously I am pretty FUN  . So I will continue to watch entertaining news, read the advice section of the paper, schedule the weekly Monday night Bachelor with Sharlee and even occasionally get the funny sports stuff from Shane. The ornery grouches can all still watch Fox News and CNN and if something I need to hear is there go ahead and feel free to let me know. Otherwise pinch your face up some more, argue politics or talk gas prices and buy yourself some stock in Tums.
On a funny side note – Everyone is talking about Kate’s dress- the sleeves the lace. Even had designers running to copy it. Here is a fun news flash. The top of her dress looks a lot like mine and Shar’s ..( I love saying mine and Shar’s) but hey that idea is not new.. I had it 30 Freaking years ago!!!. Maybe they even got the idea from us… Now how about that for life altering ?