Today is the last day of school.
And I am not running down the hall.
I did not count down the minutes until school was out.

I hate this day.
Yes, it is full of anticipation of a warm and relaxing summer.
But it is also so so sad as I say goodbye to the kids who have come to mean so very much to me over the past school year.
Kids who know my likes, dislikes, and everything in between.
It will happen like it always does.
I cry today. (Check)
Tomorrow and the following day I might cry.
For the next two weeks I will randomly and sporadically think about something and think to myself, “I have to tell my students about that on Monday!”–because my mind will think it’s just a weekend.
I will tell Zach that I miss my class 3903847 times a day.
And he will say, ” I know! You will love next year’s class just as much as this year’s class.”
And I will.
It will just take me time.

When I was in high school, one of my teacher’s wrote us a letter and I copy this idea every year for my class. I am going to share it with you, if you care to read it.
***Names are removed to protect the innocent

To ________, who can find joy in just about anything,
To _________, who has an amazing sense of humor,
To ________, who can always be counted on to treat others with kindness,
To _________, who never shorts himself,
To _________, who brought our class together this year–Donation Book anyone? (inside joke)
To ________, who shows genuine kindness to all,
To ___________, who works hard and takes pride in every success,
To ___________, who has a gift of drawing people to him and everyone is welcome in his circle of friends,
To ___________, who won my heart this year with his shy smile, hard work, kind heart, and his laugh,
To ________, who is always eager to help others,
To ___________, who others love to make smile,
To __________, who has a smile that will light up the darkest room,
To _________, who rises to a challenge,
To _________, who knows who she is and is true to herself,
To ________, who has a contagious zest for life,
To _________, who is a shining example of integrity,
To __________, who is wise beyond her years–Oh the things she has taught me!
To ____________, who has mastered being happy,
To _________, who quietly takes on the world,
To _________, who has learned a lot about learning and herself this year,
To _________, who tells the best stories with great enthusiasm (and has a killer laugh),
To _________, who is always up for a laugh (even if we’re all laughing at HIM when he wakes up after falling asleep in the middle of an Open Court story!),
To _________, who loves to share her knowledge,
To ____________, who has an incredible imagination and view of the world,
To __________, who is a true leader,

Each of you have so many gifts. I have only listed one for each of you–but you all have many more. You are incredible! I have been honored to have you as my first “Hatchlings.” You’ll forever hold a special place in my heart. I hope for you all to have many successes in life. I hope you’ll take this bit of advice:

Like Mrs. Frisby, help those in need, we all make mistakes.
Like McBroom, always look for both sides of the flapjack.
Like Anne Frank, always believe in the good around you, even when it seems to be missing, I promise–it’s there!

What a wonderful year you’ve given me! I love you and I will absolutely miss you! Enjoy your summer and ROCK fifth grade! Don’t forget that you’re always a Hatchling–REPRESENT!

Mrs. Hatch

And that is why I cry.
And that is why I have the best job in the entire world!
I am so blessed to be surrounded by these people every day.
They are the best people I know.
And I miss them.
I miss them already.