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When I first met him

(picture taken…Late October ’08–just startin’ out. As in JUST starting out…this was our FIRST time alone in a car together. I love it!)

I could not get enough.
I mean seriously.
I checked my phone as frequently as I possibly could for text messages.
I would leave work and race to wherever he was.
I would stay with him and barely be able to pull myself away at the end of the “night” which sometimes–err most of the time–wasn’t really night anymore.
All I could think about was Zach.
And marriage hasn’t strayed far from that path. Honestly.
I still wait for his text messages–although they are less frequent.
I still can’t wait to get home to him or for him to come home to me!
And I have the HATE saying goodbye whether it be in the morning, after the weekend, or after a long vacation together.
I still cannot get enough.


Move OVER Zach!
There’s a new love in my life and I cannot get enough…

You may think I’m being silly, but it’s true.
I was driving home yesterday after visiting with/holding Gracelynn for a while.
The only thing I could compare my obsession to was my love for Zach.
I love getting texts from Misty. Whether they’re pictures of Grace (which are the best!)
or her telling me what Grace weighed at her latest check up.
I want to see her all of the time, but I don’t want to be too overwhelming.
And I seriously have the hardest time leaving.
I could stare at this baby forever. She is perfect.
She is so tiny, and beautiful, and perfect.
She is also sweet…because you can just tell these things.

And I love her.
I cannot get enough.

And guess what?

I get to see her tomorrow!
And I CANNOT wait!