What am I thanking you for?
Maybe for reading?
Or waiting with excitement for Hawaii pictures?
Or maybe it’s the only Hawaiian word I learned/used…
Zach used it EVERY.WHERE. I felt silly.
Like an impostor.
But it seemed like a good enough blog title for our little trip.

Please forgive the fact that I just learned how to use Picasa 3 to edit my pictures/make a collage.
I spent a lot of time putting these together–but you can tell I’m still in the early learning stages.

I also included text on EVERY SINGLE collage.
But couldn’t get it to stay on my picture when I uploaded it?
So here’s our trip in pictures:

Waikiki Beach
In attendance: Boi, Kassie, Zach, Me. Everyone played in the water.
I put my bottom on the sand and I didn’t move until it was time to leave!
I read and basked in the glorious sun.
And when it was time to go, I ran into the water–my whole body, head, too–just to say I did!
Haunama Bay
My favorite thing!
In attendance:Zach/Me :)

Laie Temple
Prettiest place on the whole island
In attendance Wed Night: Long story. Still upset about it.
All of Boi’s family, Grandma Mary, and eventually Zach and me. Eventually would be why there are no pictures of anyone else there.
Of course everyone was in attendance for the sealing on Saturday.

Wedding Dance
In attendance:
All of Boi’s family, Dad and Mom, Grandma Mary, Nana and Granddad, Aunt Donise, Rob, Kay, Zach, and Me.

I love these pictures.
They give me a sense of pride.
Pride in the family I married into.
They are so much fun. Just look at them.
And proud of the family that I’m now “related” to via Kassie’s new marriage.
I love Boi.
LOVE him.
He’s such a great guy and his parents and family are phenomenal. I feel so fortunate to have these people in my life…forever. We are so blessed.

The Wedding
In attendance: see all of the above

Beautiful sealing.
Truly beautiful.
It was the first wedding day sealing I’ve ever attended. I am grateful that I was able to be a part of it.
Kassie’s smile was so big and excited. I remember that feeling.
The Spirit was so strong.
The Tongan people have such strong testimonies and such appreciation for temple blessings.
It was truly a joy to attend such an event with them.
They take nothing for granted.
We cried.
Kassie was gorgeous.
Grandma Mary made her dress and veil…incredible huh?

Wedding Reception Everyone in attendance: EVERYONE!
Traditional Tongan reception.
INCREDIBLE experience.
So neat.
I learned a lot and felt so privileged to be a part–in a small way–of this family and this culture.
Just the two of usA few pics that we snapped throughout our trip…I absolutely loved having so much time to spend with Zach.
I love him!
Random Favorites
The top and bottom pictures on the left were for Shane. He sent me a text telling me I must get pictures with these guys. (Boi has cousins that are in the NFL) I was a little apprehensive. So I asked Boiif that would offend him, he said not at all. So I approached. Nicest guys!The top is Ma’ake Kemoeatu of the Redskins.
The bottom is Chris Kemoeatu of the Steelers.Also included: a picture of a sea turtle we saw on Turtle Beach, a cute puppy named Snoopy, our family eating at the PCC–such a fun group, the most comfortable bed EVER, my handsome husband, and the view from our hotel room. I read a book every morning (4 a.m. Hawaii time) that we were there on the balcony. I enjoyed the weather and the view. Just beautiful to me!

We had a blast but we spent A LOT of time in the car. A really lot! :)
It couldn’t be avoided. But I get grumpy in the car.
So the last picture is me keeping myself busy.
You might equate me and a camera in the car to a DVD player repeatedly playing Tangled or goldfish crackers to appease a child on a long road trip.
I play with the camera and find myself amusing and might even laugh or brag my wonderful ideas.
(In fact, I could probably dedicate an entire post to pictures like this, seriously)

Eventually, though. My boredom overtakes and I get grumpy.
Luckily, I could then text my mom or Misty and then we would reach our destination!

And we said goodbye to Hawaii but we hope to go back someday!
Thanks to the Tilini family and my in-laws!
Plus a nice tax return and my daddy.
We had a wonderful time!