These two are getting married.
Date? TBA

Engagement took place last night!
Details unknown at this time.

Now if you don’t know how much I love my brother you can read about it briefly here and here.

So I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when I received a text from my brother last night that said, “Hey ya’ll, we’re finally engaged!”

Yes, yes. My brother did, in fact, send his only sibling a mass text to tell of his engagement.

I couldn’t even offer the proper congratulatory words.
My response was something like, “Um, congratulations, but you’re seriously telling me via mass text?!?!”

And that’s how it is.

Thankfully, I LOVE my brother’s fiance, Kylie.


I am so excited that she will be joining our family. She is the perfect addition.
She eats dinner with us.
She loves Mal and Roy and Eppie.
She laughs at my brother’s disgusting boy habits.
Which usually leaves me the only one not laughing. Zach, Kylie, and Shane have a blast laughing together while I remain disgusted.
She watches The Bachelor with my mom and me.
She’s a pickier eater than I am!
She’s cute!

If you didn’t know, I had a long time fear that my brother would marry someone I didn’t like and that would just be it. Our sibling friendship would be no more.

No worries, though. I love her.

Here is one of many reasons why:

I sent her a congratulatory text as well and her response was:

“Thank you. He should’ve called you!”

Congratulations, Kylie and Shane! I love you both and I am so excited for you!!!!

p.s. You guys all thought I was having a baby didn’t you?!?!