So I just read a book.

And I’m trying to non-diet diet :)

As in, I’m working on my body image and being okay with myself as is
and therefore treating my body well. Which means making good eating choices…for the sake of liking myself and not for the sake of losing weight.

But right now Zach and I are on a very low carb diet.

Mostly, to help us jump start healthy eating.
So that we can get into the habit of eating healthier things.
I’ve noticed that because of this, I’ve really searched online and in cookbooks for good/healthy recipes.
And I’ve definitely found some and should be sharing some more in the future.

This buffalo chicken salad was SUPER easy, not costly, and incredibly delicious.
Zach LOVED the chicken. We’ll see how he likes it added to a salad for lunch today.
I don’t even like buffalo chicken (I tried this out for Zach) and I LOVE this recipe.

What You’ll Need:
*4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
*1/2 cup hot sauce (I used Franks buffalo hot sauce. Found a bottle at Target for around $1.02–and I’ll probably get two recipes out of it)
*1 packet of dry ranch dressing mix
*Salad greens
*Celery/Onions optional–we opted out of those–well, I did.

What to do:
*You can cube the chicken, but I honestly didn’t. I put it in the slow cooker (actually partly frozen, but SSSSH don’t tell)
*Mix the hot sauce and ranch mix
*Place over chicken in slow cooker.
*Cook 4-6 hours
**At this point, it was so EASY to shred the chicken. If you’ve cubed it beforehand, though, you don’t have to.
*Place your salad greens on plate or bowl
*Top with a scoop of chicken mixture.

*Should make 4 servings.

*I will admit. I drizzled a TINY bit of ranch dressing over the top. I just felt it was necessary. Still healthy–if a little indulgent–but that’s okay, the book said so :)