Those are the words I yelled at Zach as we were watching the new Karate Kid.

This is how the rest of the conversation went:

Zach: Why?
Me: Push Pause!! On Jackie Chan’s face. It has to be on his face!
Zach: Okay. Why?!?
Me: He looks like my Uncle Levi (begin hysterical laughter at self) and I have to show Shane!
Zach: He does NOT look like Levi!
Me: Yes, he does (continue laughing as I snap a picture and send text to mom and Shane) Shane will back me up.
Zach: What’s so funny is how amused you are with yourself.
Me: I know. (Continue laughing)

Well, once again, my brother let me down.
I never received a text back.
He’s my agree-er.
Mom looks like Oprah. We agree.
Will looks like Jim Carey. We agree.
Levi looks like Jackie Chan (still laughing). I still don’t know.
So what do you think?
Do you see it at all?

Hilarious either way!