Last night we had a little exchange that went like this:
Me: Zach, can you come into the bedroom for a second. I have two parts on my body that need to be examined.

Zach: Yeah. Are you freaking out?!

Now see…a normal wife would maybe make this comment in a flirty/teasing manner. Perhaps a ploy to seduce her hubby. I realized this after the words came out of my mouth. What I love and what made me laugh is that Zach knew that that’s not what it was at all (and if you’re wondering, I did not say them in a tone of fear or worry. I said them playfully, actually, in my cute girl voice so as to disguise my obsessiveness. I do that quite often.)

Zach knew the hypochondriac in me never rests. So he knew that I was probably having a panic. So he came in…took a look…and assured me that everything is okay.

Now, I know he’s not a medical expert but that’s how we work around here.

I freak out. Zach calms me down.