I made the summer check off list that I showed yesterday from Pinterest.

I did something semi-crafty.
Remember, I don’t desire to be crafty.

I do desire to make the very most of this summer.
Because if you didn’t know, I absolutely loooove the summer. Love it!
I know the picture’s not great.
Here are the things on my list:
-go camping at least twice
-float the river
-pay of (credit card) debt
-exercise daily
-read Book of Mormon
read every day
-walk the Greenbelt once a week
-get a tan
-eat a snow cone
-fancy night out!
-read by the water
-take one road trip (however small) with Zach
-play poker
-sleep over
-drink lots of water
-grow a garden
-church camp
-Roaring Springs
-go to the dentist
-go to the doctor
-clean out garage
-see/hold/play with Grace
-have a couples night at our house
-meet up with friends I don’t see very often: Jonnie, Jen, Lynch Fam, Rachel, Renee, etc.
-teach summer school
-play on new KNect
-go for a hike
-alphabet date