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A mom texting using a pencil to touch the screen.
I laughed out loud.
Although, I would caution you not to visit the website.
There are about 100 dirty jokes to every 1 actually funny one found.
I didn’t search much, trust me.
Just in shock at what parents and children apparently talk about?! GROSS! Who knew!

My mom is going to say, “How freakin’ rude!” In regards to this one.
I just know it.
I laughed out loud.
And I am very guilty of having over-used Comic Sans in the past.
I’m so over it, now.

Is it not so true?!

Same here: So so soooooo true!

If I imagine saying this in Sam voice it’s even funnier…

Isn’t this the perfect wish for….you know that person?
I love it!

Hope you enjoyed!