What is your favorite kind of ice cream?Apparently, my mom knows nothing about my love of ice cream…shakes in particular.
I kept craving a shake while we were in Utah for Memorial Day…
dieting+boredom= I WANT A SHAKE!
My mom was like, “You don’t even eat ice cream that much!”
What?!? Um…okay. Well maybe that was before there was a McDonalds a mile up the road for us. And now, well…I want an Oreo McFlurry all the time.

I’ve always hated being asked what my favorite kind of ice cream is because I don’t feel that I have a favorite. Nothing that just screams out to me “This is the best thing I have EVER had…EVER!”

So I have some preferences:
1. My ice cream must ALWAYS be accompanied by chunks of something that are chocolaty. A scoop of plain chocolate ice cream won’t do. It has to have chunks of stuff in it. I will eat plain vanilla if it accompanies a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. ***That is like the best thing you can give me to eat, by the way!
The only exception to the “chunks” rule is Huckleberry ice cream from the little parlor in McCall.

2. I would rather have shakes than ice cream unless my ice cream is coming with cake.
So my two preferred kinds of shakes are:
Oreo McFlurries…they are just so good. Don’t judge. I won’t eat cookies n’ cream ice cream…the cookies are soggy after sitting in the ice cream for so long. But with a McFlurry–they put them in seconds before you eat it. And so the crumbs of cookie are all crunchy and creamy inside ice cream!

Or I will gladly take a Shiver from TCBY.
The Shiver should be white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt…
with peanut butter cups mixed in…
and after it’s blended I ask them to pour a little hot fudge on top
(This gets cold and chewy and it’s amazing)

And that’s the way I like ice cream.
I still won’t say that I have a favorite, but I did share my preferences.
So..Mom, it may not be a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, but I do like ice creamy things!

So what about you guys?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
Or what are your ice cream preferences?