Okay, I know I’m like a month behind on this.
It’s just that I really wasn’t too excited about this season. I wasn’t an Ashley fan.
But here are my thoughts:
On Ashley:
*I actually feel sorry for her. She is by far the most human Bachelorette they’ve ever had. Hello insecurities. I am an insecure person, but I like to think that even I am not that insecure.
*Does she ever wear a top. For someone as flat chested as she is and as aware of it as she is…her shirts are always showing off her stuff…it’s either that or her stomach. You would think she’s confident, but she’s not.
*If I have to hear her say, “I was in such a dark place last week!” one more time, I don’t think I can watch anymore. Okay, that’s probably not true, but I am seriously sick of it. The show has been running for a month and she had tons of one on one dates with great guys. The one guy…you know the one EVERYONE is talking about…I won’t even bother to talk about him really because that’s what he was after and I won’t give it to him…even on my little blog. But seriously. What a dumb girl! How embarrassing!

On the guys:
*I like A LOT of them. I mean a lot. I can’t really choose just one at this point because so many of them have my heart. I’m just attached. This is a great set of guys for sure.
I especially like: JP, Mickey, Constantine, Ben C., and Ben F. (with the mural?! I LOVED it, too cute!)
I also like Ryan.
I don’t like Blake.
What a girl Blake is for confronting Ryan about being too positive. He didn’t even do anything?!?! Isn’t Ryan adorable? I think so.
So Blake can go.
And I am not really into personal trainer Nick so he can go.
And William has lost all credibility so he can go, too!
Although, I’d kind of feel bad for William, but he has it coming.

What are you thinking?