>Soooooooo… I wore two very different shoes to work today and am seriously worried where my head has gone. Whatever was left of it..
Anyway I was kind of sorry not to see answers to Shar’s blog so I am going to do that today and then I hope to see comments from people on one of ours. I like to hear what other people are like.It is more fun for me.
10 things you wish you could say to ten different people right now:
1. Man I am glad you are home!!
2. Please pay attention to what you are doing right now .. your future depends on it.
3. I am so very ashamed of you for that.. then I would actually like to finish with the reasons why and slap them.
4. Knock it off ..
5. You are so excellent
6. Thanks for being so good to my dad
7. Let me tell you the truth about my family.. as you know NOTHING of it and have made incorrect judgements on all of it!!
8. Apologize to me and MEAN it.
9. Life does not suck
10. Wow not what I think we should be talking about but???
9 things about yourself :
1. I LOVE my husband.. more than people really know
2. I LOVE My kids as in above and I actually love their spouse
and fiance too. I lucked out.
3. Cleaning is like therapy to me, it is the one thing I can do and see an immediate result
4. I am not nice in my mind even when I try to be sometimes.
5. I Love to read
6. I would live in San Francisco if I could get Todd to do it
7. I work hard
8. I do not like women as a whole very much. I know some very good ones too but…..
9. I want to go to 3 movies in a row in one day and eat popcorn at every single one of them.
8 Ways to win your heart:
1. Be kind to older people, kids, waiters,cashiers everyone..
2. Have good manners
3. Make me laugh
4. Laugh at me..
5. Show respect
6. Listen to me rant
7. Surprise me
8. Love me
9. Let me love you back
7 things that cross your mind a lot
1. What are my kids doing .. mind you they are 26 and 22 and this thought has crossed my mind for the same amount of years they have been alive
2. When can I go to a movie and what is playing this week?
3. I have to get … and …. and …. done
4. Todd
5. My Dad
6. I need to get more sleep and exercise
7. Church
6 things you wish you’d never done:
well more like 6 things I wish I had done
1. Paid much more attention to my kids and been better
at protecting and caring for them
2. Been ready to go to the temple when I got married and been a more gospel centered mom.. my kids are just good and
I got lucky
3. Finished School
4. Been less of a dormat and then lost my temper. happens all the time even now
5. NEVER let myself get so overweight
6. Never Said what I thought until I thought some more about it
5 people who mean a lot (in no order):
3. Shane
4. Zach
5. Kylie
4 turn offs:
1. Laziness
2. Whining and complaining
3. Tempers
4. Excuses
3 turn ons:
1. Great Eyes(and yes he has them :))
2. Hard working
3. Faithfulness

2 words that describe your life right now:
2.Pretty damn good

1 confession:
sometimes I have a really black heart.

Give it a shot yourself. If you do it, be sure to comment and link back to yours, I’d