The other day I was taking my summer school group to art.
The teacher explained to them that they would be making push-pin art.
(using push-pins to punch tiny holes in your paper in a design you like)
She told them they could draw their picture first and then poke if they’d like.
“Any questions?”

“Yeah. Um. What if we want to draw a dragon but we don’t know how to?”

Something about this question really made me laugh.
I think the teacher was looking for questions like, “Where do I get the cardboard?” or “Can I take it home and finish it at the end of the day?” Not
“What do we do if we’re lacking the skills to make our desirable masterpiece?”
I wish it were that simple.
What if I really want to be a healthy, motivated individual but I don’t know how to?
What if I really want to be selfless but I don’t know how to?
What if I want to be more disciplined but I don’t know how?

What if…a million other things.

And the answer to his question is the same to alllllllllll of mine:
“Just do your best and keep practicing.”
Pretty simple answer, too. Don’t you think?