Or does Ames resemble a Disney Character?Perhaps he looks a little like Flynn Rider?
Or every tall-dark-handsome white knight character in every Disney movie?
I’m not really making fun. I adore Ames. (By the way Stacey, I just happened to forget him last week…don’t know how.)

Other thoughts:
*This is the best cast of men the show has ever had. I have a heart for so many of them. I love them.
*Sad to see Ben C. go–happy about William.
*Ashley’s dumb. I don’t think she deserves to be happy.
*Someone needs to teach Ashley how to dress.
*Did anyone else’s heart hurt over the boxing date?
Who the $#%$ thought that was a good idea?
Ashley is dumb.
This season would be more of a dud than it already is if it weren’t for these guys…thank goodness they’re lovable.
She is not!