>This blog is mainly a self help version for me today but, I do think that any of you that are reading it probably DO need it too.
So last week I was coming home from work at around 6.30 and was on the phone with my sister and we were going over all the stuff that needed to be done at our houses and with helping my dad. She and I were dividing out the different errands and then I will admit griping about some things because seriously it seems like there is just a myriad of TO DO items on the list ALL day every day..
I pulled into the driveway and had to wait for the garage door to open up. I looked over to the right and my roses next to the sidewalk were so FREAKING pretty.. Sooooo pretty. I then in mid conversation told Cara “oh my hell my roses are so freaking pretty!”
to which she replied “did you just wake up from a nap?” and yes we both laughed.
I have been thinking about that a lot lately. About how I am not really present in any moment that I have lately. When I am at work I am worried about what to do at home. At home I am worried what I need to do for >>>>. When I am with >>>> I am wondering when I will get to the store…blah blah blah.. Everywhere I am my head is somewhere else.
I love working in the yard because it is a task that keeps you in the moment. You are doing what you need to do and that is all you are doing right this minute and as you work you see results and when you are done you look around and see if it paid off.
I really feel that no one takes enough time anymore to be Present in their own life. And believe me lots of things pass us by this way..
So I am going to try to do as my kids used to tell me when they were little (and believe me Kids have the best advise:) “Slown down I want to see it !” and we would and we DID.
Stop and smell your Roses