So I’m taking this to mean that it’s totally and completely okay that I don’t do yard work.
Even if it mean our yard is mowed weekly (by Zach) and not much else is done because I don’t enjoy it.
I also take it to mean that it’s okay that I’m blogging right now (with passion) and not doing laundry because I don’t have a passion for laundry at this very moment.
I do get musters of passion for housework and it will come, but it’s not here now.
So if I feel passionately about reading a book outside so that I feel the sun on my skin (and hope it kisses it some) Then that’s okay?
If I love chilling with Mal when I get home in my quiet peaceful residence and would rather do that then go out and join the rest of the world, that’s okay, too…because I’m passionate about Mal and my house.
   I think I agree.