If any of you know me at all I am not one to give fashion advice. Just ask my kids or Misty about my lawn mowing clothes or my infamous big denim blue shirt (which by the way I am going to gift to Sharlee in my will with that blubbery story about the daughter and her moms shirt)
But here are a few things I DO know from living 51 years and working almost 40 of that. Some things are not ok

1. Flip Flops in church
2. Ditto for denim skirts that look like you are on a picnic
3. Jumpers and platform heels
4. Things that make you look like a sister wife from FLDS.

5. Sandals in winter with a coat
6. Those Tights people want to pass off as pants with a shirt that
is up to your rear..Not Ok EVEN if you have a good rear !!
7. White nylons.. on anyone ever.. unless you are playing out a
fairy godmother fantasy.. in which case we should not see be
seeing this anyway

8. Birkenstocks with socks

9.Sandals with socks

10. Tank Tops with half yourself hanging out if half yourself
is over 100 pounds and I am giving a grand leeway here

11. Camping shorts in the office .. unless your office is at the
Bureau of Land Management or a national park
12. Sweatpants as work attire
13. Those matching sets that look like you got your outfit at
Osh Kosh or Baby Gap To quote Shar’s friend Renee..”just
because your top and bottom match doesn’t mean you should
wear them to work.”

So here is my post for the day. See you at the mall- I hear Penney’s is having an excellent sale.