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This weekend we:
*Read the Book of Mormon together in the front lawn…
July Journey baby…read the Book of Mormon in one month! WHAT!?! 
*Grilled up and made some delicious summer food: steak, corn on the cob, salad, lemonade, and s’mores cookies.We ate until we were stuffed. It was pure bliss!
*Gassed up the truck and took Mal to the lake and let him swim while getting a little sun ourselves
*Set up the air mattress in the living room and had a sleep over while finishing season 4 of Burn Notice  and I nearly cried…it can’t already be over?
*Went to the temple together
*Bought a new curtain rod and a ceiling fan for our bedroom…July heat…you have nothing on us! We will sleep in such comfort now!
*Spoke to someone about our finances…investments and all that fun stuff…
 *Blasted country music on the radio(it is summer after all) and Zach insisted that this song (or this song) get stuck in my head…as in he searched for it on the radio and sang it every free moment he had at home all.weekend.long.

If we didn’t live here there’s a large chance that we:
*Wouldn’t be able to attend a church of our choice let alone read our religious text out in public.
*Wouldn’t have fresh food to eat and certainly not such an abundance of it…
*Wouldn’t be able to buy fuel, have a pet, or take our pet to a public place
*Would have much bigger things to be sad about than the end of a television season. 
*Wouldn’t have the luxury to buy things to make our sleep more comfortable. We were living the life of extreme luxury just by being in a house with carpet, running water, and air conditioning…
*Wouldn’t have the hope that we have as we plan for our financial future
*Wouldn’t have relaxed and enjoyed a three-day weekend just the two of us in safety 

The reality of this makes me feel bad, honestly. We are so very very blessed. I am thankful for the opportunity to live in this land of prosperity and opportunity. I am thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line so that I can go out and get a tan this weekend, sleep in an air conditioned house, eat fresh food, and worship the way I want to.