People who don’t work with women Some people don’t understand working with women.
Or perhaps some are just completely unaware for whatever reason.
I’m all about pride in being a woman.
Trust me!
The world could not make it without us.
 And we could probably do the world a whole heck of a lot of good if we’d stop trying to compete with one another…
I know that I can be a horrid woman to deal with at times. I do. I’m insecure, opinionated, and vocal. Those don’t always make for the best combination. But I also know when I’ve done something well and I am proud of it. I don’t need to seek further credit or attention. I get my validation appropriately.
Job well done? I tell someone. My mom, my husband, even my boss if I feel I have that much to be proud of. Lucky for me, all three are really good at validating my efforts.
But I’ve come to find out that most of the time…if you just do your job (again, in any capacity. You don’t have to be a “working” woman to have a job…) validation comes.
For example at work: I have areas of weakness as a teacher.  I tell my principal about them and what I’m working on. In the meantime, I have strengths. I am a creative lesson planner. I like to have ownership over my own ideas and so I take the curriculum and I add to it. I create. And it gets recognized.People in general like to be recognized for their efforts, but I think very few of them trust that they will be and so they–especially women–turn into catty women and thus comes the dilemma of working with women. So here are some tips I’ve come up with for working with women:
1. Don’t ever let another woman see your insecurity or doubt. EVER! She will immediately want to out-do you. Don’t tell her about your lack of education on the matter, don’t tell her anything. Fake it til you make it. You’ve got this under control!  Once you break this rule, there is no way out. She will feel that you need extra advice/help that you need her. The only way to possibly get out of this situation is losing your temper and that’s never a good thing and just plain awkward. So just don’t get into the situation. Period.
2. Smile and nod through the advice if you’ve already made a mistake.Either take the advice and appropriately thank the giver or don’t take it. Don’t make a big deal. Just smile, nod, and make your choice.
3. Men call it a pissing match, I don’t know what women call it. Just don’t get into it. If you’re the less needy of validation, you’ll never win. Someone needs validation and the one who needs it most is going to get it. Come hell or high water.
Although these tips are few in number, I see this getting us a lot farther than out crafting, dressing, cooking, churching, teaching, etc…one another. Don’t you think?