It’s a word that you’ll find in every room of my house…
eventually–I’m working on it. Decorating takes time. It has to feel right.
It will be the theme of our baby’s nursery someday.
The word sits on my desk at school and I have quotes littering the space around my desk that echo the same message.
I keep a book of quotes and a head full of dreams at all times.
When I was little, I dreamt of my future.
My future home, my future job, my future spouse, my future everyday life, etc.
My home with hardwood floors and a wrap around porch.
My job as a successful and compassionate veterinarian.
My spouse, my soul mate, he would be the ideal husband/father/working man trio.
I would be comfortable and happy.
My dad used to try to discourage me.
“It won’t happen. Everyone says they’re going to have this and that but they don’t. Look at so and so…”
I may not have the wrap around porch or the big glorious home or the veterinary career that I dreamed of.
I do, however, have a home. A place of refuge (which does have a porch albeit a tiny one–I still believe that someday I will have my wrap around porch).
I have a career that does center around my compassion as well as my passion.
I live a fulfilling life.
I am happy.
As a teenage girl, I babysat a lot.
I would visit people’s homes and I would want things that I saw in their homes and in their relationships in my future.
Whether it was the family going to the temple for a date night coming out of their room dressed so nice and smelling so good.
Or the clean house that smelled like…home.
Or the family pictures hanging on the wall.The ones with everyone making funny faces, everyone barefoot, or outdoors in a pile of leaves.
Every cliche in the book? Didn’t care, I wanted it.
Or the wife dropping cookie dough down the front of her shirt and telling me she would save that for her husband for later.
Or the way the husband put his hand on his wife’s back and lead her out the door, treating her every bit like a lady.
I wanted it all.
 And I believed that I would get it. All of it.
And I did.
I still want.
Not in a bad or envious way.
Not in a way that suggests that I’m ungrateful for what I have but there’s still so much I want.
Every day I come in contact with something that I either want for myself now or I want it in my future.
I believe those things will happen…and no one can tell me otherwise.
In fact, if we’re being honest, you’re likely to just piss me off if you tell me otherwise.
And so I guess it’s my blog is my way of celebrating what we as humans hope for and believe in. Love, family, friends, blessings, and fun!
There’s a lot of power in believing. A. lot. of. power.
I believe that with all of my heart.
It’s such a huge part of who I am to believe. And to celebrate and give gratitude for those things I believed in so long ago that are my reality today.