2 Nights until we leave for Girls’ Camp
3 Rooms in my house that have been overrun by camp
1 Rug that was left outside since Thursday (or maybe even Wednesday) when I was cleaning and decided to shake it out and then got so busy with everything else that it just sat out there
3 Clocks in our house that haven’t been working since Thursday, there was a power outage and I just haven’t cared one bit what time it was…no matter what, right now, I don’t have enough of it.
343212 Things still left to do
8789789789312 times I have told myself that I need to stop procrastinating
2 hours that I’m more stressed about than anything
3 full days and a morning at camp for spiritual edification
3 nights away from my husband
4 is the number of times I have burst into overwhelmed tears today alone.
1 more tip for working with women
if there’s more than one of them, you’ll never satisfy them all…you probably can’t even if there’s only one.
cause 1,2, and 3 of nervous breakdowns today.
5 is the number of visitors that I’ve had at my house this week. 3 today alone. Nobody from the ward comes to our house. But seriously, if you were to draw a random day to come by, it would be clean, smelling good, and cool. It is clearly NOT clean, the air conditioning broke and the guy is coming tomorrow, and I haven’t turned on my Scentsy in my frantic state since last Monday. And this is the week I’ve had more visitors than ever before. But you know what, I’m at that point where I really don’t care. That’s how you know it’s bad.
My house at the moment. I am only okay showing you this because it usually NEVER looks like this. It is bad. It is so bad and I can’t take it.
With all of these numbers I hope that my efforts, though they are procrastinated, sloppy, and little, are enough.
I hope that my testimony grows an unmeasurable amount.
I hope the girls’ testimonies grow unmeasurable amounts.
I hope we grow stronger as ward.
I hope that I get to hear more testimonies born than breakdowns I’ve had.
I hope that when I return on Friday it will all be worth it.
But stay tuned. I have not forgotten you….I have scheduled posts all week long. Read, comment, and share that love. Three nights without my husband, with only women, camping, crafting, and in the heat…I need all the comments, love, and prayers if you  have any to spare that I can get.