So, Shane and Kylie are getting married.
I’m the Maid of Honor, can you believe it?
It would make sense as Kylie is a follower of this blog and Shane is not.
In fact, he refuses to be.
See how this is.
Do you see how incredibly fortunate I am to have a future sister-in-law that I like…
or I would probably lose all ties with my brother.
I love him dearly, you know this.
He’s just…such.a.boy.
Anyway…I am throwing a shower for the bride-to-be in August.
What are your words of wisdom for a young bride to be?
And if you’re not married, what are your words of wisdom for one living on her “own” for the first time?
I say this:
Register and spend your gift money WELL.
That’s my only suggestion.
Well that and be friends, but I’m pretty certain that’s a given!
As a newlywed myself, I don’t have a ton of advice as I’m certainly no expert.
Why so important to register well?
Because Zach and I was so afraid that we were going to be poor that I thought we needed everything
We certainly couldn’t register for the best of everything because then we wouldn’t get it…so we registered for middle-ground everything (except bedding…we do have some decent bedding.)
I even remember my Aunt Taunya saying to me: We bought you a bunch of stuff because you didn’t register for anything expensive.
So not even two years into the marriage and we need to replace things. So I say:  register well.
I know…do I ever seem shallow? That’s my marriage advice as maid of honor.
So help me out….
What are your words of wisdom for a young bride to be?