Some thoughts on modesty.
And I’ll be honest–I’m posting this because I want feedback.
In my church we teach modest dress.
We know that we are daughters of God and our bodies are temples and should be treated with the utmost respect.
I concur.
I practice this.
I respect myself and my Heavenly Father, therefore I dress modestly.
I also think it’s important to dress attractively. 
Again, I’m divine and I respect myself.
Dress. is. important.
You can look sexy and be modest.
Hello Jackie O?
Hello Kate Middleton?
Class is attractive…or at least I think so.
At a recent swimming activity for both young men/young women the young women and their leaders were told that they had to wear a one piece swimming suit.
Fine. I have one. I hate it, but okay.
The girls asked if they could wear tankinis. 
I find this completely reasonable.
Way to go girls!
All of our girls are capable of pulling of a bikini.
They have chosen to purchase a modest swimsuit!
Well, they were told that if they’d like to wear a bikini they needed to
safety pin the top to the bottom.
If it was pulling too much they would need to put a tank top over top.
Because when you move around your stomach can show.
And we need to keep the boys’ minds where they should be.
Since when did a one piece swimming suit mean that boys won’t think bad thoughts?
That’s what I’m wondering.
And the girls have chosen a modest swimsuit.
They are doing their part.
Tankinis are modest…and often times more modest than some one piece suits.
My thoughts are this:
First of all, the girls should be taught to dress modestly out of respect for themselves and their Heavenly Father.
I’m sick and tired of telling the girls to dress modestly for the boys’ sake.
The girls should do their part for themselves.
The boys’ can take care of themselves.
Also, I feel that we are in essence punishing the girls or making them feel like they did something wrong in purchasing a modest swimsuit.
I’m not challenging my church or it’s leaders.
Sometimes people bring their own beliefs to the table at church.
So I’m asking:
What do you think?