Oh, I love my husband. I really and truly do.
But we really need to begin communicating about church sign up sheets.
I remember the time that he signed us me up to bring brownies to the ward Christmas party when I had already signed up to bring rolls. That ordeal wasn’t too big. I baked while he was in class but since the ward party was on a Thursday and they needed them by 1 or something I had to have Aleisha take 3 different plates to the church building for us.
Yesteday a sign up sheet for pioneer days came around. I quickly passed it on with the thought, “I am so glad we don’t have kids yet. Oh no! When we have kids do I have to go to these things or they won’t fit in at church?!Probably. I hate Mormon culture! This sucks. I don’t want to go to pioneer days activities ever!”
*Note, I am extremely grateful for the pioneers. I honor them. I have deeply engrained respect for them. I’m just not so much a fan of church social things and pioneer day is just…really a church thing that I don’t want to partake in. 
We get home and we’re snacking on some food and Zach says, ‘I signed us up to help out at two stations for the pioneer days activity.”
From the drama of my response: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh my gosh! You didn’t!
You would think me the worst wife ever.
Here Zach is, trying to help out at church and be involved with the primary things and I’m throwing a  fit.
But we really should have a quick discussion prior to going our separate ways after sacrament meeting.