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First of all, I am so excited about my giveaway and the subscribers and good friends that I have. Thank you everyone! I have decided to extend the giveaway for another week, I hope that doesn’t anger anyone, I just thought it might get a few more entries as the week progresses.

Yes, my mom picked me up from school today. I am taking a week-long math class in Boise and my mom picked me up from it today. I still felt like I did when I was really in school. So excited for my mom to pick me up, take me home, make me dinner, and watch tv with me. She’s making dinner right now. Just like old times! So fun. Plus, I’m attending a class and I LOVE taking classes…especially these math classes. So it’s been a good day.

I fully plan on reporting on The Bachelorette tonight after I catch up on the men tell all and the finale. Any last words before it airs?Any thoughts before I post?

We finished the 3rd season of Damages this weekend. We had a Damages marathon on Saturday night and I didn’t quite finish the marathon…so we finished it at midnight last night. We love our show.

And before I bore anyone any further with this blog, I will go have my mom’s nachos (which are the best ever) and watch some good reality television, and catch up with you later.

But don’t forget, if you haven’t done it already…enter the giveaway! And thanks to those of you that already have!