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So…babies are on the mind lately. Perhaps it’s because of Misty and Allison. Maybe it’s just that it might be the time to decide we’re ready (more on that later). There is currently no baby on the way…in case you were jumping to that conclusion and I don’t know when there will be. But I will be probably posting a lot on the thoughts I’m having as we consider this next step in our lives. Today’s thoughts are slightly less serious and more comical, than other thoughts I’ve been having but what can I say? I’m a comical person. Just ask me. I’m funny and I’ll tell you!

Pin. I die for this baby and his hat and I just knew Zach would, too. Pin. I die for this baby and this hat and I just knew Zach would, too.

While folding laundry tonight it just occurred to me,  our poor child doesn’t stand a chance against a big booty and big legs. Welcome to the world of husky jeans for a boy and curvy jeans for a girl!  So I started on reflecting on some other things that our future children might be helpless against. Zach and I don’t have a whole lot of things in common. We’re both different and that’s usually why I think we work. But as I was reflecting on this we both have more in common than I originally thought, more than just junk in our trunks (are you wondering how many more ways I can say butt? I’m done. I’m sick of it by now, too).

Competition: We’re fiercely competitive. We do not like losing at all. During our first year of marriage, you could’ve come by at any given time on the weekends and we were probably screaming at each other, stomping to another room, and throwing fits over our two-person game of Settlers. We like winning!

A temper: Though Zach has much more control over his temper than I do, we both have a temper. We are not kind people when we are angry.

-Night People/Not Morning People: We both love sleeping in and we can stay up forever. Zach will outlast me in staying up, but we don’t go to bed until after midnight around these parts and apparently that’s not too common? Who knew? We stay up late. Zach has a hard time waking up and I simply don’t like the morning. I am p.i.s.s.y.

-Procrastination: If you looked up the word procrastination in the dictionary, you would see my picture and then you’d see Zach’s right underneath. We are terrible. Luckily, we work because we procrastinate in different ways. So I can encourage him where he needs it, and well…he just lets me be. I am on my own. Always rushing, stressing, running late.

-Rebellion: Without going into it too much in-depth, Zach and I are both a tad rebellious. He has me beat in some ways and I beat him in my rebellion in other ways. We both go against the grain. We don’t conform. We fight conformity…perhaps it’s simply stubbornness (another gift to grace our child with) but maybe not. I came home from church a few weeks ago and was discussing something with Zach and I confessed, “I have to be different. I can’t let certain things go because I can’t be the everyday Mormon. I have to have an edge. I just do.’ His response? “I understand completely.” And I’m pretty sure that’s why we’re married.

Those are just a few personality traits that we both share and that our child will either get or be terribly annoyed with–either way, poor thing! Right? But we are hoping that when we finally do have a child, our positive traits will balance him/her out and make that child a better person than either one of us. That’s our hope.