The other day I sent Zach a text message explaining to him that I don’t feel like I’m doing the best in my callings in church and, if we’re being honest, in life. I don’t feel like I’m at my spiritual best and that truly affects all areas of my life. Zach wrote me back, “I’m sorry. What can I do?” I knew immediately that it wasn’t something Zach could help me with, though the man in him wants to fix something when it’s not working quite right. It’s not as simple when the thing that’s not working quite right is your spouse’s spirit.

Some of you may wonder how I can tell when I’m not at my spiritual best. I can tell when I’m not full of love. That’s the only way I can describe it. When I’m my best self, I just love. People, things, just life in general. That’s how I know when I’m at my best.

I know what I need to do to get there, I always have. I need to spend more time doing the things that are best and less time on the things that are not.   I need to spend more time uplifting others and appreciating their talents and less time criticizing and judging them. I need to spend more time reading my scriptures and praying and less time on the computer pinning or blogging. I need to spend more time exercising and keeping our house in order and less time being idle and procrastinating those tasks. I need to put more time into others and less time into myself. So, as the school year resumes, and I will have significantly less time, I need to set some new school year goals. To get myself back to my spiritual best.

-Make time to read my scriptures and pray daily

-Spend a maximum of 1 hour per evening on the computer at home.

-Devote one evening a week to work after school. Stay late and create lesson plans and grade. Try to stay 2 weeks ahead at all times.

-Do something thoughtful for my students once a month and be better prepared for parent gifts and holidays this year

-Prepare for my evenings at church before I go and do. Read scriptures and pray before attending mutual and going on visits.

-Exercise (Run/Shred at least four days a week)

-Eat desserts only on the weekends

-Create a weekly menu, stick with it, and make sure to cook the extra meal on Sunday nights so that Zach will have dinners for the nights he’s in class.

-Train myself to refrain from critical remarks about others

-Walk Mal every day

-Make a treat for someone else and write a note to go with it once a month

-Clean my house once a week and run through the house to pick up before bed every night so that I wake up to a clean house every morning.

-Keep my mind on a constant extra project (food storage, organizing the bathroom cabinets, etc…)

-Work on earning my YW medallion as a leader.

Those are a few things that I am going to work on over the next few months and see how I feel. Where I still need improvement and where I can add something else. I will check back in October 10th and let you know how I’m doing.