I go back to work…tomorrow. I had a whole bunch of things I hoped to accomplish by now. How did I do? Well, we’ll take a look at that in a second.

My New To-Do List (Pin)

I have decided that while I’m very much a “to do list” person, I’m not a ‘summer bucket list” person. To do lists on a daily basis help me to stay focused and get things done. I don’t like feeling the pressure from a summer bucket list–a check off sheet. I feel almost like a failure for all of the things I didn’t do, and that honestly makes me sad. So without further ado…let’s take a look:

Summer Goals

-go camping at least twice

(Nope! There’s talk of a camping trip in Sept. with Austin and Natasha. I made this goal without consulting Zach and he’s honestly too busy with school to do this and that’s okay. There’s always next year. He won’t be done with school but he says he’ll be close enough that it won’t matter. We’ll see!)


(Not yet…we just bought some vouchers through Amazon so we’ll be going some weekend here shortly)


(Not yet…we’re going next Tues)
-float the river
-pay of (credit card) debt (Blog post dedicated to that later..WOOHOO!)
-exercise daily
-read Book of Mormon
-read every day
-walk the Greenbelt once a week
-get a tan
-eat a snow cone
-fancy night out!

(Still to come…we’re planning a celebratory dinner for our credit card debt free selves)
-read by the water
-take one road trip (however small) with Zach (Park City more on that later too)
-play poker
-sleep over
-drink lots of water
-grow a garden
-church camp
-Roaring Springs

(for the first year since college, I didn’t go to Roaring Springs. I am very sad about this)
-go to the dentist
-go to the doctor
-clean out garage (sort of and Zach did it, not me)
-see/hold/play with Grace
-have a couples night at our house
-meet up with friends I don’t see very often: Jonnie, Jen, Lynch Fam, Rachel, Renee, etc.
-teach summer school
-play on new KNect
-go for a hike
alphabet date (We are halfway through letter “A” but we’re getting there. More to blog on that  later as well)


Did I enjoy summer? Yes. Did I do everything on my list? No.

I do know that I didn’t spend enough time exercising and learning how to do new things. I also didn’t spend nearly enough time in the sun. I am going to soak up a few rays from now until the true end of summer when I can. I am going to do a little better next year!