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If these walls could talk…

They would tell you:

-I get up two or more times a night to rummage through the pantry for a “snack” as I like to call it.

-You will hear either Zach or myself utter  one of these phrases almost every night, “I’m snacky” “I want something sweet” or “I’m a little hungry…”

-Zach works hard in school and at work

-We fight and I mean FIGHT when we are mad…or competing over a board game

-I can throw one heck of a party in here…my mom says so

-Mix 106 is the station that is on when getting ready in the morning and we leave it on for Mal all day. Our radio never deviates from Mix 106 as I have an intense love/addiction to Mike and Kate in the morning. However, if I’m home alone cleaning house or working on something, the house is filled with my Randy Travis Pandora station.

-I am like a baby, if I’m hungry or tired I’m cranky. Except I use a lot of swear words when I’m cranky…luckily these walls can’t talk!

-We don’t really talk in the mornings. Neither one of us is a morning person so we do our thing and kiss each other goodbye.

-Zach and I eat at the kitchen table on the nights that we are both home together for dinner

-I pay close attention to my body. At least once a week I express to Zach that something is “wrong with me” for any number of reasons. This week it is because I have been paying a lot of attention to how much hair I loose when I shower/blow dry it…that’s A LOT of hair. So I have to tell Zach how I’m probably dying and he has to reassure me that I’m fine.

-I am never just right. I’m either hot, cold, or hungry.

-I take a lot of baths.

-Zach corrects my pronunciation or misuse of a word on a weekly basis at least. It’s hard for me to take sometimes because I have a good vocabulary and I’m smart, but sometimes I have to recognize that he is just a little smarter. It’s even more frustrating when he laughs at my annoyance. I still stand by my pronunciation of normalcy, root, and canal.

-We are a predictable couple. When we watch a show, Zach sits on the left hand side of the sofa, I’m on the right, and I drape my legs over his lap. We watch something on Netflix at least twice a week. We sleep late on the weekends. And we decide to start eating desserts on the weekends only next week and head out the door to McDonald’s for a chocolate-dipped cone (choc. shake for him) by Tuesday…every week.

-I make Zach watch my newest triumphs on Dance Central for the KNect

-Zach can’t sleep at least once a week because his head itches, which invariably leads to him complaining about an itchy head, rolling around for a half an hour, and then getting up to shower. He is allergic to something, we just haven’t figured it out yet. Obviously, Zach is not nearly as worried about his body as I am.

-Zach and Mal both snore and I prefer it that way

-Zach plays with Mal more than I do but I love on Mal more than Zach does.

It’s been almost two years exactly since we first walked into this house to just “take a look.” And in that short time, these walls would tell you that we have a lot of fun in here. There’s lots of kisses and cuddling. Lots of “I love you a really lots.” Lots of board games, arguments, sweets, and television shows that we obsess over. Lots of late nights and late mornings. There’s been yelling, screaming, slamming, stomping, and crying.There’s been talking, joking, baking, and cleaning together.

If these walls could talk, they would tell you that this home is filled to the brim with love…and I’m so grateful these walls are ours.