30 years of marriage. That’s quite a feat right?

Doesn’t that show commitment, dedication, passion, problem-solving, compromise, creativity, hard work, cooperation, budgeting (time, money, tasks…sort of in my parents’ case:), and a lot of love? I sure think so.

A marriage that long belongs on a resume for sure.

Check out this awesome pic!

The thing I’m most proud to say about my parents making it to thirty years today is that it was not an endurance test. They’re not together because of money, the kids, or because they think it would be wrong to get divorced. They are still together because they are still in love with each other.

Mom still sends me text pictures of my dad putting up a fence at their house and my response is: That picture’s going up at work huh?

Dad…well..he doesn’t quite know how to express his love/appreciation of my mom without me getting creeped out…he waxes a little “Hallmark” on us.

But they love each other and that’s why they’re still together.

So happy anniversary mom and dad!! I love you both!

I’m so happy you’re together…life wouldn’t be the same without Shane and me making fun of you!

P.S. Readers,

Just curious, who do I look more like in your opinion?