Well as you are all now aware due to both my blog and Shar’s lovely photo op. I have been married 30 years.. Soooooo.. In the past couple of weeks I have actually began to reflect on how quickly the time does fly. It really does.

I have been aware of that most of the time my kids were growing up but this was for me a big wake up call. I got to thinking”well my next BIG Anniversary would be 50 really- and then I went to how my Mother in law didn’t make it to her 50th and that my mom lasted just a few months past hers. Not that I am planning to be gone… Just we don’t really know.  So stupid as this sounds I remembered that poem thing about the lady with the nice slip in her drawer she didn’t ever wear because she was saving it for a special occasion. Then she died and they buried her in it. Which I do agree is a special occasion but….

I think we all have really GOOD STUFF that we only use on occasion or that we never use because we are waiting… As a matter of fact Shar Blogs about how she holds on to things in case she won’t have another or until she gets a backup.. I hate to admit but I do this too. I do it with very weird items too. For example my sister in law Taunya gave me this incredible smelling kitchen cleaner I think now two years ago.  I used it and it smelled so good I didn’t want to use it all up,,It has been on the counter forever and once in big while I will use it. I certainly don’t want it to run out.. Why exactly I do not know. The world won’t explode if I run through the whole bottle and  I certainly lived a perfectly normal(well my version of normal) life before I got it. The only thing that would change would be I would ENJOY the smell of it NOW!!!  I have china, and these really great pillowcases my grandma made me, cranberry bubble bath from a really nice place, lotion from Shar and Zach’s trip to Hawaii, Crystal….blah blah blah. I Never take the pillowcases out of the chest, three times a years we eat on my china, the bubble bath is still in the closet as well as the lotion. What I am trying to say is WHY????? I am aware that things won’t be special to you if you use them every day but they also won’t be special if you NEVER do. No one gets to share the fun of them or in the case of my pillowcases sleep on something my Grandma made just for me…

There is so much enjoyment to be had right at our own disposal. So I actually want to sound like an old wizard to you guys and tell you ENJOY the stuff, pay attention to it, use it, look at it, wear it, bathe in it and LOVE every minute of it!!

Life isn’t necessarily short. I am not a pessimist. But time does seem to move by and we miss a lot of the Good Stuff just saving it. Today is a GOOD STUFF DAY and so is tomorrow!!

If you will excuse me now I am going to get ready to go to Shar and Zach’s for dinner and I am going to bathe in my bubbles and use the Hawaii lotion and I don’t even care if the smells don’t match.  Tomorrow I might wipe down my counters with the Lavendar spray and Maybe pull out a pair of Rose’s hand crocheted pillowcases(maybe) :)

Try this will you and let me know how it works for you…