Well, mom did such a good job posting on Friday, although she was late. I had to have a chat with mom about being a dependable blogger, so hopefully she knows better and we won’t have to chat about that again.

**For those of you that don’t know my relationship with my mom, anytime I talk about correcting my mom, I’m partly joking partly serious. You see, my mom’s incredible and the world surely needs more people like her. But I did raise my mom in a lot of ways and every once in a while she still needs direction and guidance. Again, sarcasm. Hopefully you’ve figured it out and you’re laughing. If not, you should hang out with my mom and me and you’ll get the hang of it.***

Anyway, mom’s post was really good on Friday. Misty liked it so much she blogged about it herself and I liked it so much that I almost got out some Body Shop Body Butter that I’ve been seriously hoarding for over two years..I will pull it out tomorrow. I will. So thanks, mom. I actually have a hard time writing a new post because this one is so…superficial. So if you need a little more depth see mom’s post here.

I’m throwing a few new products out to you today that I think you might be interested in. I’m not a blogger that makes money for these things (yet) so I’m just helping out Neutrogena, L’Oreal, and you guys today out of the goodness of my heart.

First product Neutrogena Residue Shampoo


Lately I’ve been having a problem when I wash my hair and then go to dry it. My hair is still sticky and greasy in one spot on my head. I’ve tried using Dawn dish soap (which threw Troy, my hair dresser, into a fit when I told him). I’ve tried brushing my hair and parting it into pigtails and washing thoroughly each side of my head to make sure I’m getting it all.

The other day, I was shopping for some new shampoo and I came across this stuff. It claims that you use it once a week to wash away residue and your regular daily shampoo will work better than ever. It works!

Another problem I have is mascara. I can never seem to find a mascara that works the way I want it to and doesn’t make my lashes look gross. I actually got to the point where I buckled down and bought some spendier mascara the other day. I tried it at the store with a disposable wand, but the wand that actually comes with it is VERY different and it made a mess. I ended up with mascara all over my eye. I was red-eyed, teary, puffy, and I had to remove the makeup.

I was at a training for the after school program about two weeks ago. The director had really pretty eye makeup. I actually asked her what kind of mascara she wore. She laughed and told me it was cheap. I was thrilled but still hesitant. Mascara and I have never, and I mean never, been friends. She directed me to L’Oreal’s Voluminous Naturale mascara. I went directly to the store and bought it. I went directly home and tried it, I love it. I look forward to putting on mascara pretty much every day at this point. So if you are mascara illiterate, like me, do yourself a favor and pick some up.

You’ll thank me later!

If you do try either one of these or you already have, let me know how it goes. If you have any favorite products for those of us on more of a budget, please do share. I’m sure we’d all love a little insight!