I will be watching football. I don’t care for sports much (except for basketball) and I cannot stand football. But here are the following reasons why I must watch the BSU/Georgia game:


1. It is my school. I am a proud Bronco. I walked its campus for 4 years. I had an amazing time there. I loved college with my whole heart. Can I put it to you any other way? Can I be any more obnoxious about it? I may not be a fan of the sport, but I am proud of my school and their team. When there’s a big game that my team is in…I get this temporary cool chick who likes football thing going on. I think it’s because of Julius.

A young Sharlee prior to a game during the college years...sorry for the quality (and crookedness) it is a scanned photo. I choose to still use it because it is a favorite of mine

2. My brother is there

Oh, another Boise State pic. Me with my brother on graduation day.

And if you didn’t know this–I love my brother. A lot! I really do. He is my friend and I love him dearly. He is the biggest sports fan I know. He is the ultimate Bronco fan (who else gets special permission to watch the Fiesta Bowl on his mission?) and he is so excited about this game. He bought tickets practically the minute it was announced. He is already having fun. I swear I got a text the second he landed that said, “I love Georgia!” Which I fully understand, we are surely related. For I fell in love with Georgia immediately after arriving.  I want my brother to still love Georgia and I want him to have fun!

From my first visit. Love this place. And I love that Zach took me for a ride just so I could take this picture!

3. The family is with me…

Well of course my family is with me…we’re all fans. But I have Zach’s family with me, too. Yep, the southern folk are with me apparently! And I love it! When we were in Georgia at Christmastime, Boise State was playing the MAACO bowl in Las Vegas (and yes Shane, I did have to look that up on the internet because I didn’t know which bowl game it was, but I did know it was a bowl game). We were playing games with all of the family and I insisted the game be on..me..football hater extraordinaire. The family was supportive of my constant leaving the room to check the score and see what was happening. And today, my father in-law relayed the message to Zach that he would be rooting for my Broncos on Saturday because he cannot stand the Bulldogs! And I’m pretty sure because he loves me. Am I right Warren G? (And thanks for making my day…literally!)

To all of you who will be watching the game…what are your plans? What are you watching? Who will you be watching with?

We still haven’t quite finalized your plans…not that we’re looking for invites or anything?!