Sooo Jones (aka Shane)  turned 23 on Sunday.. Holy Cow.. what happened to that??? I was at a church meeting the other night and one of the ladies has two really young kids. Someone asked her how old her son is and she said he will be 3 in January..Loonnnnnng Sigh.. everyone laughed and she said” I know and pretty soon he will be going on a mission.”…and you know what.. This is True… What happened.. Where did it go??? My blonde headed little boy is 23!!!  He is a 23 year old man.. He is getting married in 2 weeks..(oh my hell!!)   (to someone we all really Love might I add) :).. but still the same… I would like to tell you a little bit about why we LOVE Shane..  of course Sharlee has already given you quite a few run downs of Shane but for his birthday I would like to as well.
He was born a week early-this in itself set a precendent for him throughout his life. He is NEVER late to anything except church..He is ALWAYS early to work, school, movies and last but not least BALL GAMES… !! He is very good with his money.. He keeps track of everything and makes sure his bills are always paid even when he doesn’t have very much of it he keeps extra in his drawer. He is a sports FANATIC.. he knows facts about high school teams in the east, pool champions, the hot dog eating contestants, colleges throughout the US, NBA, NFL you name it!!! He began playing basketball when he was 6 in Y ball. He played Optimist Football- this is where I gave him the nick name Jones. This is after Ed Jones on the Dallas Cowboys who was tall 6.9 and they called him Too Tall Jones.. he thinks I know nothing, but that is a fact.. He was bigger than all of the kids on his team and they kept asking if he should be on the next group up and he was in his age group -he was just real tall back then so I began to call him Jones and he has been Jones to me ever since.. He played Middle School and High School Basketball and is currently a member of  AARP the championship team for BAM Jam – a 3 on 3 Tournament in Boise.  Everything is a contest with him. He competes with Shar on the K-Nect in the dance competition, he plays his friends especially Myles in all out kill or be killed video sports games, he keeps track of the tickets he closes at his job and compares to the other people working there.. he and Kylie won the Newlywed Game at Todd and my 30th Anniversary dinner!!! on and on and on..  He loves Kylie with his whole heart and his friends.. LOVES them. if Shane is your friend he will leave the earth being your friend. He is friends with Shar true friends. They have a good bond and have been friends since he was born and Sharlee thought she chose him.. He has a huge temper.. and big feelings for all things.  He served a mission for his church and has a belief in the gospel that he will carry for all eternity.  He is funny.. So Funny.. and gross. but he is funny. He can talk you into anything yet he can be talked into nothing.. You can not make him do things he does not want to do. He loves America,  working out, watching sports, playing sports, eating at Fiesta Guadalajara, speaking Portuguese, Joseph Smith, singing, playing that song Sister Streuper taught him on the piano, the Dallas Cowboys, Utah Jazz and Boise State.. HE LOVES BOISE STATE!  People misunderstand his behavior sometimes yet the ones who know him LOVE Him. I feel the ones who don’t are MISSING out!! and I don’t care because he made our family what it is. He was an adventure like none I have ever seen.  He LOVES like there is no tomorrow and he will stand up for what he thinks and for you if you need him to.. I am PROUD of him. I am glad to be his mom.. I am sad he is all grown up and this part of my life is gone and yet I am excited to see what he brings to it now and in the future.. He is my Jones.. my TOO TALL JONES… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE …. 23 YEARS and moving on.