What makes a book worth reading to you?

Sorry, no neat picture of me drinking my hot chocolate while browsing the used bookstore...so instead...here's my bookshelf. Note the lack of variety if you will

This weekend Zach and I went to the Nampa Farmer’s market. We had a blast. We walked around downtown Nampa, which is surprisingly quaint. I hadn’t expected that. We visited a few gift shops and I stopped into a little coffee shop and had a very rich hot chocolate. We made our final stop at a used bookstore.

I had to laugh at myself as I wondered around the store looking for the “fiction” section. I was lost until I found it. “Classic Fiction?” Nope. That just won’t do. “Science Fiction?” Absolutely not. I need just.plain.fiction.

Once I found my section, all seemed right with my world. Zach was browsing the section with me and we both laughed as I picked up a book and I read the words, “Wales 1198” and promptly put the book back.

Judge me if you will, but I know what I like. I love to read, but I know what I will enjoy and what will feel like my high school Great Expectations (or any high school read which I never actually read) all over again.

I laughed as I shared with Zach the depth his wife lacks. Here is my book criteria:

-It needs be fiction. Realistic fiction to be more exact. Historical fiction is okay depending on the context.

-Set in a country much like the United States

-Set in a time period no later than the 1900’s and actually 1950’s and on are prefered

-Strong female characters. If there is a friendship, sisterhood, motherhood, etc. Even better.

-Somehow I’m always attracted to books that somehow are lined with some great sorrowful event. Books that make me cry attract me. I don’t know how I always choose a sad book, but I do.

Of course, the book I picked up from the bookstore on Saturday?

Drowning Ruth

This book meets most criteria. So far I don’t see the female character as strong. She’s emotionally unstable and I can’t relate or understand that and therefore I lose patience with the book and become disturbed by it.

I’ll let you know.

So what about you? What books are you attracted to?

I know some of you read much more intellectual works, and that’s okay, tell me about it!

Oh and one more thing, would you like to join me in a book club? Because I really think I’d like to start one. Really.