That is a line (a favorite line) from this song (a song that I am currently in love with).

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And that line is the reason for this public decision.

My current vice is sweets. It pretty much always has been.

I’m not trying to lose weight exactly, but I’m sick of feeling gross.

So I am giving up sweets until the New Year.

I should be a tad more clear, though. Zach insists that I make an exception once a month for the following: my birthday, his birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas. I may indulge twice in November, as it is our anniversary and Thanksgiving, but we’ll see how I’m feeling by then.

“It’s always your favorite sins, that do you in.”

And I’m done with it. So here’s to eating better and starting before the new year. Hopefully I can reign in my eating habits and feel better and not be laden with guilt every time I enjoy a sweet.

And there you have it.