Today has been a bad day.

One of the worst I have honestly had in a good while.

And I mean a goooood while.

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And when you have one of these days…where you think that you won’t sleep tonight because your mind is going through a million plus things you could have done differently or the things you are going to have to tackle over the next week as a result of the day…here are the things I know:

I know that prayer is vital and that my Heavenly Father loves me and He will answer my prayers.

I know that my family loves me and that I will always have the support of those that mean the most to me.

I know my husband loves me and that even when I come home from a bad day, that he will make it better–if only temporarily. He will cuddle me, talk to me, and tell me that it’s all okay.

I know that I have the support of loving friends.

I know that I can always improve the way I handle situations, but that I do have integrity. I can change the way I go about standing up for myself, but at least I do stand up for myself. Quick Sarah, ‘It’s my principles!” :)

I can always try to do better tomorrow.