There have  been a lot of milestones in our family  these  past few months and I have some very good memories from these.    

Considering my age :) and the fact that I can not remember where I put the aluminum foil 3 minutes after I placed it have given me time to wonder what will happen when I may not remember some other things..I thought if I write them down today then maybe Shar can show them to me later on and I will still have them.

 I really hope that I do not EVER forget:

   The first time that I rode my bike on the sidewalk. It was between my Grandma’s house and ours- with my mom standing out there watching.

 Christmas programs that Danny and Cara and I did with my Grandparents as an audience. 

Camping with my mom,dad, Danny, Cara and my Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Chris and cousins. We did this so much that I thought we were one family.

The camper that my dad built for our family with his own two hands. Lots of really good memories in that.

Making my Grandma laugh.. Watching my Grandpa ride a bike backwards.

The day we got my Grandma a corsage for Mother’s Day and they sent me to find out what dress she was wearing so we could get her the right color. She was wearing the purple one.( All my cousins will know what dress I am talking about).  I don’t want to forget how surprised and happy she was to get it. It was an Orchid corsage by the way.

Eating green apples from Aunt Esther’s tree with my Aunt Lorraine .. I always wanted to go get them with her because she would get us as many as I wanted.

Walking to Paula’s house in the 3rd grade after school. She was my best friend later on.  I still remember the doll in the living room . Speaking of this I hope to never forget Paula or her mom.

My Baton teacher Sally Jo Getz.. I was utterly and totally enthralled by her. She was soooo good at twirling and had this really long pretty blond hair and really nice fingernails. She was in high school. I thought she was the coolest ever.

North Carolina in the fall

The first time I went out with Todd.. the First time I knew I loved Todd- The First Time I kissed Todd(which by the way was not my first kiss.. I was going to use him for “kissing practice”.  He  is it just so happens  an excellent kisser.

Seeing Todd standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me when we got married.

The first time I saw Sharlee .

The first time I saw Shane.

 The first time each of them took their first steps.

My mom holding them both as babies.

 Coming home from work and seeing my mom reading to them in the chair.

Watching Shar in her school play.

Watching Shar at work at the Y and now watching Shar in her classroom at school.

Seeing Levi come home from Iraq.

The day my mom went to Shar’s classroom with me.. She was so sick and still she gave her all to be there because it was a surprise for Shar.  The kids were telling my mom that she should meet their grandma’s and they all were really happy to see her. It was fun to see my mom with all those kids and in Shar’s classroom.

Watching Shane leave for his mission.

Hearing Shane speak in Portuguese on Mother’s Day the first year out.

Watching Shar dance with her dad at her wedding. Watching her and Zach dance.

Myles calling me from Australia on Mother’s Day on his mission.

Watching Shane come through the airport doors when he came home from his mission.

Watching Shane and Kylie dance.

Cara’s impression of Titanic when we played Charades.

Misty and all of Shar’s GOOD Friends. All of Shanes Friends.. matter of fact my friends all of them!!  

  The first time I saw Gunnar and Grayson and Gatlin and Ava.   

Sunday dinner with my family.

Shooting with my dad and Carma.

Each member of my family and that includes Todd’s family as they are my own.

 A lot of these things are just small things. I have had a lot of huge memories as well. Today I was thinking on what type of things made up the person that I am today and these and many more are a big part of it.

I hope to carry these through to eternity but I am very aware that they may leave me for a short while before then. So I think to have them written down may be a blessing.

I  believe I  wrote about memories in a blog a long time ago as well. If I did please forgive me as  I can’t remember:)

“We don’t forget…. Our heads may be small, but they are as full of memories as the sky may sometimes be full of swarming bees, thousands and thousands of memories, of smells, of places, of little things that happened to us and which came back, unexpectedly, to remind us who we are.”

ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency