I don’t know why. I’m not a big “girls’ night” gal. I’m just not all about getting dressed up to go out with girlfriends and connect with that part of myself like so many are. I go to dinner with Misty. I meet girl friend’s for lunch. But I never have been a “I need a girls’ night” person.

But, last night Ava and I had a “girls’ night.”

She took a bubble bath, I painted her nails, she colored, ate dinner and dessert with us…and then we cuddled up on the air mattress and watched Tangled, and read a lot of princess stories before falling asleep.

This little girl is probably one of the sweetest things ever. EVER!

She has the cutest little tiny voice. It is to die for.

What’s better is her tiny voice combined with her inability to make the /l/ sound. So all of her “L” words have a /y/ sound instead.

Some examples from last night:

“I yove you Sharyee.”

“Mal, get off my yegs! My yegs!”

Ava to Zach during dinner: “You’re annoying me.”

Zach: “Why am I annoying you?”

Ava: “A cause you’re yaughing at me.”

Zach: “I’m yaughing at you?”

Ava: “Yeah, you yaugh at me a yot.”

My personal favorite highlights:

*Ava getting so excited about watching a movie on the air mattress with me. “Oh! I didn’t know we would be doing this!” It was really adorable.

*Ava got a little homesick and she told me she “missed mom and the boys.” Which is actually really cute. She has 3 brothers and she called home and talked to all of them. They asked her what she was doing and she told them. It was adorable. I wish I had gotten it on film. Her little voice telling each of her brother’s she loves them. I know my aunt has a full plate with four kids (two sets of twins) and a lot of other family responsibilities (aging parents etc…) but she is certainly doing something right by way of her children. I think it’s incredible that a little girl can have such a bond with her brothers at such a young age.

*We had gone to Target to pick out nail polish and pick up a few things for dinner last night and when we walked in the door she YELLED, “Zach!!!! We’re HOOO-OME!”

*We made chicken toes (chicken nuggets) last night and I asked her if she wanted to help. She told me she’s not supposed to touch raw meat. She had this infatuation with raw meat the entire time I was making the nuggets. “Mal, you’re not supposed to have raw meat either.”  “I am not supposed to mess with raw eggs.” “That’s a lot of raw meat.” “What are you going to do with the rest of the raw meat?”

*This morning when Ava climbed into my bed with me and we cuddled back to sleep after Zach left for work.

I’m grateful for my family. Especially my aunt Cara. I love her and her kids so freakin’ much and I feel like I’ve been not as much a part of the kids’ lives as I’d like to be. I am grateful that Cara let me take her four-year-old for the night…I’m certain it wasn’t easy letting her go. I’m grateful for a husband who enjoys kids just as much as I do. I’m grateful for the love in my life. I feel blessed today.