I was going to title this post “random thoughts” but whenever I use the word “random” it reminds me of two girls from high school (who were Mormon and friends…I’m sure Misty knows who I’m talking about) and it just bugs me.  It’s been a rainy/dark/cloudy/cold couple of days and I’m just in an “ugh” mood so here are just a few thoughts for you today:

Good thing I turned and kissed him for one of these...the ones with me looking are awful so you just get to see him and see that I adore this guy!

**I hate my skin. I am twenty-seven and breaking out like I’m seventeen. My face is breaking out. Like really bad. I’m sad. It’s bad enough that when I was working with a small group today in school one of my students said, “What happened to your face? It’s like all red and bumpy.” Yep. It’s bad. Don’t know the cause…any suggestions.

*We drove to Twin Falls on Saturday so that we could attend the temple. I’m so glad that we did. I love the temple!

*I just love my husband so so much!

*Zach’s birthday is in 3 days and I am excited about his gift/some of the things I have planned for him!!!! I’ll be sure to fill you in.

*I need need NEED to exercise.

*Lost is giving me weird dreams.

*Last night I was drinking a little ginger ale (Zach was sick so I brought him home some and I poured myself a tiny glass while we watched Lost) We had the following exchange:

****This is a Lost conversation, but you can still find the humor in it if you pay close attention***

Zach: So now we have to deal with whether or not Libby is a real person?

Me: She’s real.

Zach: How do you know? She could not be. She’s supposed to be a psychiatrist and that’s not adding up.

Me: It totally adds up. She was in a psych ward and she was inspired by those who helped her get better so she became a psychiatrist herself.

Zach: Wouldn’t that normally be frowned upon?

And I laughed unexpectedly and soda came out my nose and it hurt.

*I love the fall. I love the smell. I love the scent. Look forward to a post detailing the things the fall air does for me. Memory city. For real.

*I love my students.

*I am craving a bath.

*I’ve started watching this show called Heavy. I watch it when Zach is in class or doing homework. I’ve begun an unhealthy obsession with this show.

*Zach was sick on Sunday so that meant I went to church and Sunday dinner alone. I haven’t done that in a long long time and it was weird. It made my Sunday weird and I think it through off my whole week.

*This morning I went to the coffee shop across the street from my school and got a hot chocolate. I rarely go there..it’s a little spendy for my little habit. One of my students gave me a gift card for my birthday and today’s the day I decided to use it. I had a delicious hot chocolate this morning. Also, while I was purchasing this delicious drink I took a look around the shop. There were people drinking coffee and chatting. There were people reading the paper on the couches they provide. I thought to myself, “I want to be at the coffee shop relaxing on a Tuesday morning when it’s cold and rainy outside. That would be the life.” Then I thought, “Sharlee, you would never be up and out at 8 a.m. if you didn’t have to be at work. You’d be in bed or curled up on the couch in your pj’s…that isn’t even something you’d ever do!” And then I felt bad about myself for some reason. Because, if given the opportunity to sit on a couch at a coffee shop and sit hot cocoa on a Tuesday morning, I wouldn’t take it. I don’t. I’ve never once gone to a coffee shop in the morning in the summer or during Christmas break. And that’s sad. I should. If only to have people stop in on their way to work and be jealous of me like I was today.

Any assorted thoughts you’d like to share today?