**This post made me laugh at myself. You’ll note  that I’m obnoxiously amused with myself throughout this post.

How many labels/folders (whatever your email calls them) do you have to store your e-mail messges and what are they?

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I have this weird OCD thing where I can’t have more than 100 messages in my inbox at a time. So I have to put them into folders…

Aside from “inbox” “sent” “drafts” and stuff of the like I have 11 labels for my personal email. They are as follows:

Blog (those are for emails associated with my blog…I started that folder when I moved to WordPress)

Family (not sure what’s in there-honestly. There is not a time recently that I’ve put anything in that folder…I should check it out)

Financial (self explanatory)

Food Storage (for the emails I get regarding Food Storage from this website. They overwhelmed me at first. I haven’t even finished checklist one if you must know and I subscribed to their newsletters over a year ago, but I keep them because they are good and someday I will complete all of the baby steps!)

-House (for the 2,303,208 emails I received in the process of buying a home and I’m scared to get rid of them)

-Passwords and Usernames -The other day Zach and I had a conversation that went like this:

Me: I can’t remember my password.

Zach: How? It’s one of two options.

Me: I know, but I fear a hacker–especially since you brought the crazies into my life– and so I change them a little each time and I can’t remember every change. I have a special folder in my email just for passwords and usernames.

Zach: Well, that’s a really great idea. Especially if you fear a hacker.

**Sidenotes: 1. Do you like how I always lay out conversations that Zach and I have like a play? I don’t know, our conversations make me laugh sometimes…but only because I am amused mostly by myself. 2. Remember that Zach is studying systems security for computers and here I am his wife…doing totally  irresponsible things…and that’s why I find myself so amusing.***

-People I Love Mom/Misty (Yes. It really does say mom/Misty. The thing that makes me laugh about this folder the most is that I wrote two different categories. I had to define what I meant or was thinking by the title “People I Love.” As if I wouldn’t know that those two go in there. I think what I was thinking is that if I love you like I love my mom and Misty then you can go in that folder. Otherwise I guess you go in family or you get deleted…or you hang out in my inbox until you get cut. Don’t really know. Funny that I specified that, though, don’t you think?)

-Photos (When I take pictures on my phone and want to save them, I email them to myself and I keep them all here)

-Shane (I started this to keep the emails he sent while he was on his mission. Apparently he needed his own folder and couldn’t get mixed with the Mom/Misty love folder)

-Wedding (Again, a folder to keep the 1,495,038 emails about wedding stuff. While this folder serves no current or future purpose, I can’t delete it..sentimental value.)

-Zach (He gets his own folder, too. I don’t receive many emails from him, but I like it when I do and I want to save them…so he needed his own folder.)

Now that you know about all the goodies you’ll find in my email account, don’t go hacking in there.

It’s really not that exciting.

I tell you all of the good stuff anyway.

So now you tell me…

How many folders do you have and what are they?

p.s. My work email has 15 folders…hmmmm….