So Zach is 30 years old today.

I’d like to speak about him if I may.

I’d like to honor his parents as well

They surely did raise a good guy you can tell.

He’s the kind of a guy that everyone likes

From the grandpas on down to the little tykes

He is very hardworking and incredibly smart

And very few people have his kind of heart.

He is patient and kind and funny and true.

And he passes this  test with Sharlee too.

As a mom you always wish for your daughter a guy

That will be always there for her and truly try

To give it all takes for their marriage to be

The kind of a marriage to last eternally.

Zach is this and so very much more

He has impeccable manners -watch him at the door

Zach is just one to hang out with the group

People really like him and that is the truth.

I get lots of compliments about him even though he’s not mine

But hey I will take them because he really does shine.

He’ll invite us to movies with just him and Sharlee

And treat us like friends instead of required family.

He is honorable and sweet and I truly don’t know

What we did in our family before he joined the show.

So not just today but this whole year through

Hey Zach HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we sure do love you..


love Elise

p.s. you know you’ve made it when you get the Dr Seuss poem thing :)

p.p.s. I am getting pretty good at the picture thing ,Everyone better be scared.