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What is your biggest vice?

For me…it’s absolutely, positively, 100% sleep–naps in particular.

I am a napper for sure!

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I take naps whenever the opportunity arises. It’s like a sickness, I don’t even necessarily have to be tired, I just know that I have an opportunity to nap. I love to nap. So I always feel I  should take every opportunity. In fact, I prefer napping over sleeping in. If I know I can nap that day, I get up with the attitude that I can take on the world.

Naps are the curl-all for everything. They can help fix a bad day, recharge the batteries, and I feel deeply that they are a form of meditation. I am always really reflective when I’m napping, I appreciate everything about my bed, my home, my life that allows me to rest and nap for a minute, it’s so refreshing.

I love curling up in the bed, ceiling fan maintaining the perfect temperature, enjoying a lazy Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I am no respecter of days when it comes to napping. If there’s time, I will nap.

At times I feel guilty about this, it’s almost a hobby for me. But today I don’t. Because I do work hard. I could probably accomplish more, but mom tells me there will be time for that later. So, for now, I nap.

What do you do? What’s your vice?

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