Well it smells and looks like snow. Which is ok since it is Friday and I am in the house and it is warm, but I don’t really WANT the smell of snow today. I was just getting caught up in the smell of fall.  The weird thing is that Fall is my FAVORITE season although I do love Spring a lot too. Fall has an extra special smell to it because it reminds me of babies… I had both of my kids at the end of summer and actually I think Sharlee’s birthday is the official first day of Autumn not sure but anyway… The season was great long before that, but when I walk in the air it reminds me of them and the newness of all of it and it still takes me back every year.  I also have a terrible time staying in my desk at work in the fall. I simply want to go outside. It is like just another version of Spring Fever and I had it really bad this year.  I kept getting up and going to the end of my row and looking out and then walking out in it at lunch and not wanting to go back inside. I love it..I wish that I could find a way to bottle this smell..

Earlier today I was in the Walgreens up the road from my house and  I just decided to make myself a little happier and I sprayed some Opium on my wrist.. Wow I love this perfume.I don’t buy it very often but I LOVE it. I love myself with it on.. Like my sister says “it makes me want to kiss myself!” It reminds me of Valentines Day with Todd and of Christmas parties at the country clubs for my work a long time ago. I put it on and I am 23 again.  You guys don’t know it, but I am. I am young and don’t have any money yet I smell like a million bucks. This was back in the day before I got too realistic. I think a person can be that and I am.

Soooo I decided today that I think I may need to go ahead and get myself a bottle of it. The last bottle I had my mom gave me for taking her to the doctors all the time and cleaning her house.  It was a really nice surprise and I strung out wearing it for months…!!!It transports me back. It probably dates me too. I don’t know anyone who wears it now. I have decided today that I love it and that is all that matters. So I am going to head out and  get me some (if my light bill is under 100 dollars this month:)

p,s. Sorry this is a little disfigured blog. I started out with one idea and then my wrist kept getting in my way.  My lovely smelling wrist..

What is your favorite?