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Well, year two flew by just as quickly as the first. It did not disappoint. I still can’t wait to go home to Zach. I still want to spend every minute I possibly can with that guy. I just love him so much! I looked forward ALL WEEK to our anniversary weekend. I reminded Zach how many days it was every morning. I couldn’t wait.

What was all the excitement about? Well, I’ll tell you but I’ll also warn you. It’s not as exciting to the outside world apparently. My mom thought we had us a white-trash anniversary. She even had the audacity to tell me we sounded like Walmart people. Me?! My mom said that to me!?!

I’ll let you be the judge.

Our fall has been BUSY. Something has been going on every weekend (Shane’s wedding, Grace’s baptism, my birthday, Zach’s birthday, Zach’s birthday party, Halloween, etc., etc…) We’ve had a lot of fun stuff going on but it seems like we’ve been doing something every weekend. As we were running through our choices for the weekend (we had three possibilities) I finally made an executive decision and said, “We’re staying in for the weekend. A mini hiatus.” And that’s exactly what we did. (For those of you who are new to the blog, the fall is always busy for us we have birthdays all over in my family in the fall, our anniversary, our birthdays, the beginning of a school year for me, etc. Before we were married we were buying a house, I was starting a new school year with a new grade level, and I had parent teacher conferences the week of our wedding, yeah…INSANE. And I don’t handle insane very well. So I called a hiatus. Zach and I didn’t make plans with the outside world for the first month of our marriage. It was heavenly…so I wanted to do it again…only for a significantly smaller amount of time.)

Every year Zach and I buy something together instead of getting each other gifts. This year we are buying camping equipment (a tent, a king size sleeping bag, and a better air mattress–the tent and sleeping bag are in the works but we picked up our new and improved air mattress(“Love Bed 4”) Friday night and set up camp in the living room.

Our plan was to rest (both of us need it right now), watch LOST (we’re sickly addicted and I know it), read, drink warm drinks, cuddle, and play games.

Friday night we enjoyed some LOST and fell asleep at around 3 a.m.

We woke up on Saturday and enjoyed breakfast in bed while doing a little reading.

Hot Chocolate and Cider all weekend for us. This is the mug I made Zach when we were dating...I figured it was fitting.

We ran a few errands on Saturday. We stopped at McDonalds and had some chicken nuggets (again, for those of you that are new…On our wedding day it was raining and we had planned to take pictures before we got married but we couldn’t due to the rain. We were waiting in the parking lot of the temple and I was starving so we decided to run to McDonalds. We went through the drive through–wedding dress and all–and got some nuggets. We ate them in the parking lot and so we have a goal of eating chicken nuggets for our anniversary every year…McDonalds is gross and I know that. I hadn’t even eaten it for years until the day of our wedding, but that memory outweighs the gross by far.)

Sitting in the temple parking lot eating chicken nuggets for the third time...:)

After lunch we came home and decided to go to the movies. The day wasn’t planned, we just played it by ear and that was a lot of fun for me…I normally need a plan. We saw Dream House and we LOVED it.

Saturday night was spent eating Idaho Pizza and watching more LOST than I care to admit. It’s just soooooo good.

Sunday was the actual anniversary so we decided to play hooky and stay home from church.

We had breakfast, cider, and hot chocolate. I took Mal for a walk because it was pretty outside first thing that morning anyway and I wanted to be out in it.

We spent some time reading side by side. We love to do this but it’s rare with our busy schedules. Zach is reading this and I am reading this.

We spent some time playing games. We played all the games we bought on our anniversary last year: Guillotine, Quiddler, and Forbidden Island–which we hadn’t even opened until this weekend. It’s a cooperative game–so it’s the players versus the game. Which means Zach and I are not opponents–and if you don’t know us–that means we didn’t fight on our anniversary. It was a lot of fun, we played three games of it. We are excited to introduce some new people to the game.

And Mal couldn’t have been happier. Hanging out with us all weekend, home for once, new bone, curled up in front of the fireplace.

I think we were all in heaven this weekend.

It was not a Walmart weekend for me (that would be my hell, mother).

Happy Anniversary, Zach!